“I’ve always used coconut oil to cleanse but as my skin didn’t need it, I never invested in any other products. I decided to try Monalinda as a pre-emptive approach to ageing and very quickly saw the results. I use it all over my face, and my body as well, it’s the most amazing skincare product I’ve ever used. It’s replaced much of my makeup on a daily basis which has saved me time in the morning.” 

​—— New Zealand, Design Director, Trove Interior Design, Daniella Norling

"As a beauty magazine Editor, I have tried nearly every luxury world class product on offer over the last 20 years. Monalinda truly is one of the most effective luxurious products I have used on my skin, the feel of it is enough to make you love it! Monalinda actively moisturises your skin - you can almost feel the vitamins going in! Every skincare makes claims, but this range has given my skin noticeable results, from reducing my pigmentation, smoothing the tone to effectively hydrating"

​—— Eye Magazine, Editor, Vanessa Bennett

“I love the products especially the 20% Vit C Serum, and I have been using it on and off for about 2 years, I have noticed visible differences in my skin texture and pigment. I used to have quite dry skin and now it seems really hydrated. I am constantly recommending the Vitamin C Serum to everyone!” 

​—— Owner, Nike Britomar,  Kate Eiblet



​—— 台灣知名音樂製作人陳國華妻子 - Ivy



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - 棠小璇



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - JUJU



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - 阿紫



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - QQ喵

"紐西蘭醫美級護膚品牌 Monalinda 在台灣初登場"

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 -  Michelle雪兒


"紐西蘭醫美級護膚品牌 Monalinda 在台灣初登場"

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 -  Michelle雪兒



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - 彤ㄦ



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - Chien 千


"最令我喜愛的是夢娜林達的精華液其中含有羊胎盤素更有穩定性維他命C 曲酸 紐西蘭卡瓦卡葉萃取液 玫瑰花露 紐西蘭酪梨油等
美容功效不僅有撫平細紋 改善暗沈黑色素"

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - 西西



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - Albeechiu比


​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

love wander cloud (愛流浪ㄉ雲)

"Monalinda Serum has a lot of ingredients highlights, give your skin the best care!"

​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

Sea salt family with sweet honey


“天然的最好 紐西蘭原裝進口保養品 Monalinda夢娜林達純天然醫美等級精華液”

​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

Mu Mu (沐沐的吃喝玩樂省錢日記)


​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

V&B Family(V哥B妹这一家)

讓肌膚有效抗氧化、減緩老化~撫平細紋與加強肌膚防禦能力! 是款醫美等級的純天然的保養品

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - 笑笑是笑哈哈的笑

"Very natural skincare product, I can use with peace in mind."

​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger - Master Jamie

"Don’t want to have appearance medical treatment yet still wish for a smooth radiant skin? I recommended you to try Monalinda Serum!"

​——  Taiwan's beauty blogger -

Lumi's travel map (Lumi的旅遊地圖)

"I recommended Monalinda Serum to you all, I believe it suits from your teenage kids to your Grand Parents."

​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

Pink Travel (歡迎光臨品克旅行社)

塗抹精華液於肌膚後,宛如肌膚對 Monalinda 夢娜林達 精華液 感到非常飢渴似的

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - KUMA熊の快樂生活

"Great Result on fine lines, Monalinda Serum.”

​——  Taiwan's beauty blogger -

38 fun memories of Jungle Girls



​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - Judy老師愛試生活

塗抹精華液於肌膚後,宛如肌膚對 Monalinda 夢娜林達 精華液 感到非常飢渴似的

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - KUMA熊の快樂生活

Monalinda 夢娜林達是等同於醫美等級精華液,使用完後真的很有感。尤其在睡前均勻的塗抹在全臉隔天起床真的可以感受到緊緻的肌膚

​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - Vickymom&littledoris


​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - DaFi達妃 Makeup & Image

"Monalinda Skincare, you best teammate of stabilising skin condition.”

​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -  

Bo (波妞兒愛美~追求美肌~就是要美麗)

“Products are made in New Zealand from a GMP certified laboratory and factory. Quality Guarantee! ”

​——  Taiwan's beauty blogger -

160 women (160女子)

"I am very grateful to know this skincare, Monalinda teach me how to achieve the ultimate youthful through skincare routines."

​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

Jessica (Jessica愛體驗愛分享)


​—— Taiwan's beauty blogger -

the world of single eyelids (單眼皮的世界)


​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - Addicted。戒不掉的癮


​—— 台灣知名美妝部落客 - 靜兒貪吃遊玩愛分享

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